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Gun Possession Penalties with Federal Violent or Drug Crimes

When a person is arrested for a federal violent or drug-related crime, he or she may face much harsher penalties if the individual used or carried a firearm during the commission of that incident. If convicted, the person may not only face strict prison sentences and financial penalties for the primary crime, but he or she may also have to serve decades more in prison depending on the firearms found on the individual at the time of the crime. For people in this stressful position, a strong criminal defense strategy can be imperative for avoiding these drastic penalties.

Increased Penalties with Gun Possession

The federal government increases the penalties associated with other crimes if the accused carried a firearm. In the following situations, a gun or particular gun attachments may warrant automatic sentencing increases:

  • 10 years added to the primary penalties if a felon or drug user is in possession of a gun
  • 15 years, at least, added to the primary sentencing if the defendant was a three-time felon or drug trafficking convict in possession of a gun
  • 10 years added to the primary consequences if the weapon used or carried was a shotgun or assault weapon
  • 30 years added to the primary sentencing if the weapon used or carried was an automatic weapon, a destructive device, or had a silencer attached to it

These added penalties can turn what may already be a serious crime into an absolute nightmare for a defendant. When facing such strict penalties, it may be in your best interests to closely discuss the legal options available to you with an experienced legal advisor.

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If you’ve been charged with a federal crime and the presence of a gun at the time of the incident, we may be able to work with you to fight for your freedom or a reduced penalty through a plea bargain. For more information about how our criminal defense advisors can assist you in your time of need, contact a lawyer from the [firm-name], today by calling [phone-number].

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