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Evading Arrest in California

On the list of surefire ways to make a bad situation worse, few things compete with evading arrest. From giving an approaching officer a shove to leading police on a high-speed chase down the freeway, law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S. take any form of perceived evasion extremely seriously.

At the lowest level of infraction, most California jurisdictions consider evading arrest a misdemeanor. However, don’t let this designation fool you – even a misdemeanor charge of evading law enforcement can translate into major consequences, including:

  • Jail time (up to six months)
  • Suspension of driver’s license
  • Hefty fines or probationary measures

Further Complications

While a misdemeanor charge may result from minor evasions (for example, briefly refusing to let an officer put on handcuffs), problems can quickly escalate. If drugs or alcohol are involved, or if the driver attempts to flee the scene of an accident, he or she runs the risk of compounding the problem with separate charges of DUI or hit-and-run.

Furthermore, almost any evasion involving a motor vehicle will come with at least one charge of reckless endangerment, even if no harm befalls another party. In prolonged chases, these counts quickly add up, each one a potential felony carrying four years of jail time.

Taking a Stand

As daunting as charges of arrest evasion may seem, fighting them is not impossible given an experienced defense team. A successful conviction on the district attorney’s part depends upon proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and several proven strategies exist for defeating this goal.

If you or someone you love is facing charges related to resisting arrest, contact the experienced San Jose criminal lawyer Law Office of Daniel Jensen, P.C. today by calling (408) 296-4100 for more information on your particular case.

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