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Establishing Paternity

Establishing paternity, the legal father of a child, offers many benefits to both the parents and the child. Access to medical records, health insurance coverage, and both names on a birth certificate are granted only when paternity has been established. Married couples are assumed to be the parents of children born during their marriage. If, however, a child was born to an unmarried couple, paternity is not assumed and must be established by the parents.

If you are unmarried, going through a divorce, or simply wish to determine your parental rights, establishing paternity could be essential to a child’s welfare. The process of establishing paternity may require the assistance of a legal professional. At the [firm-name], our lawyers are experienced at helping those who wish to establish paternity. There are several different ways to seek legal paternal rights, and our lawyers can help you complete the paperwork that best suits your situation.

How to Establish Paternity

Paternity can be established a number of different ways, including:

  • Signing a voluntary Declaration of Paternity at the hospital when the child is born
  • Getting a court order
  • Submitting a DNA sample

If you wish to establish paternity, an experienced family law attorney can help you through the legal process.

Consult a Paternity Lawyer in San Jose

Paternity can help fathers understand their legal responsibilities and rights in regards to their children. At the [firm-name], our lawyers understand how important it is for many California families to establish paternity. Our lawyers are prepared to handle your case and help you navigate the legal process. Call [phone-number] today to speak with an experienced attorney in San Jose.

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