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Drug Trafficking

In virtually every country, drugs are a significant element of a society. Teenagers and adults may consume drugs, and some may produce drugs. Others may traffic drugs. Drug trafficking is the selling or transportation of drugs illegally.

Drug trafficking can occur in a variety of different ways. For example, a drug trafficker could bring drugs from country into another. For example, the United States Coast Guard, in the last decade, caught 20 tons of cocaine coming in from Panama on one ship.

Another type of drug trafficking occurs when the drugs arrive in the destination country. After they arrive, they have to be picked up by someone to provide to middlemen who actually sell the drugs to consumers. As a result, the individuals who pick up the drugs when they arrive from a different country are drug traffickers, and the individuals who sell the drugs on the street are also considered drug traffickers.

Many people believe that drug trafficking occurs only with illegal drugs, such as cocaine, marijuana, or acid. This is not true, however. Drug trafficking can also occur with legal drugs. Many people become addicted to prescription drugs. As a result, some individuals find ways to sell prescription drugs when they actually do not have the right to sell them.

Drug trafficking carries with it heavy penalties. Aside from spending a long time in prison, drug traffickers can also expect to pay hefty fines.

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