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Different Kinds of Drug Crimes

Drug crimes are some of the most investigated and heavily enforced charges in the nation. Individuals can be convicted for minor drugs such as marijuana or more severe drugs like methamphetamine and prescription drugs. The penalties for being convicted of a drug crime can be severe ranging from fines to extensive prison sentences. Even seemingly minor drug charges can result in a severe sentence. As law enforcement cracks down on drug charges, it is important to understand the four kinds of drug charges.

4 Drug Charges

Being convicted of a drug charge is a serious offense. No matter what kind of drug charge, they can have lasting effects on a person’s life. The four most common kinds of drug charges are as follows:

  • Possession: The amount required to be considered a criminal offense varies by state and the type of drug. This also includes possession of paraphernalia including bongs and pipes.
  • Possession with intent to sell: If the amount possessed is high enough, you can be convicted of intending to sell the drug with carries heavier penalties than simple possession.
  • Manufacturing: A person can be convicted of this if they are involved in any step of making the drug.
  • Trafficking: These laws make it illegal for a person to transport or import an illegal substance. This can carry serious penalties even if the amount of drugs being transported is small.

Any one of these drug crimes can make it nearly impossible for a person to find employment or even take out a loan for years after they receive the charge. When dealing with a drug charge, an experienced attorney is necessary to receive the help you need.

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