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Defending Capital Murder Charges

Capital murder can be understood to mean any charge of murder in which the person being charged might face the death penalty if he or she is convicted. Clearly, this charge is extremely serious and is, as such, something anyone wants to avoid. In such a situation, it is often invaluable to have the services of a skilled defense attorney as they can prepare a strong defense for you by using a number of strategies.

If you or someone you know is facing capital murder charges, begin your search for an experienced and sympathetic attorney today by calling the San Jose criminal defense attorneys at the Law Office of Daniel Jensen, P.C., today at (408)296-4100. We have years of experience handling such charges and know how important fighting a capital murder charge is to you and your life.

Defending Strategies

There may be ways to reduce the likelihood of receiving the death penalty if a person is being charged with capital murder, or even have the charges dropped. By employing certain defense strategies with the help of your attorney, you likely stand a better chance of avoiding the death penalty. Certain defense strategies include:

  • Making use of an alibi
  • Demonstrating a flaw in the prosecution
  • Arguing for self-defense
  • Plea for mental instability

Some or all of these strategies might be utilized by your attorney if you are being defended on capital murder charges, and you can discuss the most effective method with your attorney.

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