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Dealing with False Accusations of Rape

Dealing with any type of legal accusation can be very stressful. Even more frightening are the consequences of a rape accusation, as the punishment is often severe. Most terrifying of all, though, is the fact that many rape accusations are made in situations where rape did not occur. The difficulty in proving innocence in these cases can be difficult, and sometimes in these cases justice does not win out and innocent individuals are sent to prison. Rape charges are taken very seriously in San Jose, and the attorneys with the Law Office of Daniel Jensen, P.C. help individuals that have been wrongfully accused of rape avoid the consequences of conviction.

Reasons for False Rape Claims

“Crying rape” is a hot button issue in today’s society, as it can be a delicate area of litigation. Victims of false rape charges who are successful in their defenses often receive complaints and judgment for taking action in protecting themselves from outlandish claims of rape. Many feel that cases involving false rape and libel deter true rape victims from seeking justice. However, we at the Law Office of Daniel Jensen, P.C. feel that there is never an excuse for allowing yourself to be slandered and face the resulting personal and professional consequences. Four common reasons for making false rape accusations include the following:

1. To cover up infidelity.
2. To excuse or hide promiscuous behavior.
3. To get revenge.
4. To earn sympathy.

While none of these reasons are excusable in the least, they often serve as motivation for making false accusations of rape.

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