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Courts in Entertainment

Television has many shows related to lawyers in general and criminal cases in general. These television shows show court proceedings in action and show how lawyers conduct criminal cases. Because many people have never been to court, the only exposure to courts and the legal system that they have had is what they see on television and in movies. It is this exposure that shapes their perception about how courts and criminal defense law function. What people see on television and in the movies, however, is not completely accurate.

Lawyers do have to do cross-examinations. They do address judges as “Your Honor.” They do have to interview witnesses and clients before court appearances. But criminal defense law is not as glamorous as it seems in movies and on TV.

Attorneys have to do a lot reading to find out what laws are applicable to their case. They need to analyze those laws and the situation very rigorously. Moreover, in the courtroom, when they cross-examine witnesses the have to do it from a distance. They cannot approach the witness stand and intimidate the witness.

What people see in the media is not fully accurate. Criminal defense lawyers have to work much harder than the media makes it seem. Long hours, extensive reading and writing, and a lot of paper work are involved behind the scenes and before the court appearances. For this reason, it’s important to be patient with your attorney. The best defense takes some time to organize on your behalf.

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