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Breaking and Entering

Despite its name, breaking and entering does not always include a shattered window or an unhinged door. It is the offense of entering another person’s property without his or her permission. In fact, you can be charged with breaking and entering even if the only force you use is pushing open the door.

A conviction of breaking and entering can affect the rest of your life. If you or someone you know has been charged with breaking and entering, you deserve a knowledgeable defense attorney to stand up for your rights. For help, contact the San Jose criminal defense attorney Daniel Jensen at [phone-number] today.

The Types of Breaking and Entering

Because the phrase “breaking and entering” encompasses the general idea of using at least a small amount of force in entering a premise without authorization, it can typically be divided into two different categories. These two other crimes are defined by the intent of the person breaking and entering.

If you break and enter without the intent to steal, you can still be charged with criminal trespassing. This is usually a misdemeanor. On the other hand, if you are entering the enclosed property with the intention of theft, you may be held for burglary (a felony) even if you have not yet taken anything.

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Even those who are accused of crimes are entitled to experienced legal help in dealing with their charges. If you have been charged with breaking and entering or another such criminal act, contact the San Jose criminal defense lawyer [firm-name], today at [phone-number].

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