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Bootlegging and Piracy

Technology has brought many benefits to many people. Communication can be done quickly and cheaply. Business can be conducted more efficiently. People have access to more data and information than ever before.

Despite these positives, however, the internet has also brought about many negative things. Two of these things are bootlegging and piracy. Bootlegging and piracy are two different terms for the same thing; therefore, they can be used interchangeably.

Piracy is the act of the taking copyrighted material, such as movies, music, books, and video games, making copies of it, and selling the copies. When materials are protected by copyright, the rights to produce and sell them lie in the hands of certain individuals or businesses. Anyone who copies and sells such materials for his own profit is conducting an illegal activity.

Bootlegging is widespread in the United States and the world as well, for that matter. People can go to flea markets, for example, and purchase bootlegged copies of movies, music, and games. People may copy such materials and sell them to family and friends, and they may even sell them at work or at school. It is also important to note, however, that bootlegging and piracy do not have to involve selling copied materials. Even copying a CD or DVD for one’s own use is considered piracy and is illegal.

Speak with a San Jose Piracy and Bootlegging Lawyer

Piracy and bootlegging are considered very serious crimes by the government, and as such they entail lengthy prison time as well as large monetary fines. If you have been charged with bootlegging and piracy, contact the San Jose criminal defense attorneys with the [firm-name] by calling [phone-number].

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