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Advantages of a Mediated Divorce

When pursuing a mediated divorce, couples will usually collaborate on a divorce agreement that is agreeable to both parties. When an agreement has been reached, the couple will then utilize the services of a neutral, court-appointed mediator to negotiate and finalize the divorce agreement. As such, mediated divorces are often less expensive and time-consuming than litigated court divorces. Additionally, mediated divorces often make a divorce settlement feel fair since the process is collaborative, and both parties make compromises to reach a final, mutual agreement.

For some individuals, experienced and discrete legal advice can help ensure that they are treated fairly throughout the entire process of a mediated divorce. Often, both individuals will retain legal counsel to look over the agreement before it is passed on to a mediator.

Factors That May Prolong a Mediated Divorce

While mediated divorces are often abbreviated and relatively inexpensive, the following factors may prolong the process:

  • Disagreement on the division of assets
  • Child custody and support
  • The willingness of each individual to compromise

While a divorce is likely to be difficult for anyone involved, a mediated divorce offers an expedient and less painful way to dissolve a marriage. The legal advice of an experienced lawyer can help ensure a mediated divorce remains an amicable, inexpensive, and brief process.

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