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A Range of Penalties for Drug Sales

Federal authorities in the U.S. take drug crimes very seriously. Possession of an illicit substance alone can result in mandatory jail time or other significant punishments. In the eyes of the law, however, even more heinous and deserving of punishment than simply possessing or consuming drugs is the intent to sell them. For example, while possession may be reduced to a misdemeanor, under California law, dealing is almost always an automatic felony.

This position is understandable from the standpoint that people who survive and thrive by providing drugs to the population at large are at the heart of any perceived social problems related to substance abuse – in other words, the belief that without dealers large and small, the war on drugs would be very close to won.

The punishments for dealing drugs are by no means universal. Major factors that can determine the nature and degree of a sentence in a felony drug selling case include the amount sold or intended for sale, the type of narcotic in question, and the defendant’s record. For example, the first-time arrest of someone who sold an ounce of marijuana would generally lead to much less severe consequences than could be expected for a repeat cocaine dealer.

Harsher penalties may be in store for those caught attempting to cross international borders with an illegal substance. The California Penal Code outlines in specific detail the punishments for various levels of trafficking.

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A felony conviction related to drug sales can affect your life permanently in huge ways, greatly reducing your desirability in the eyes of potential employers. If you are facing drug sale or possession charges, you need a competent legal representative who can help you achieve a favorable outcome. Contact the experienced San Jose drug defense attorneys at the [firm-name], today by calling [phone-number] for more information.

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