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4 Things to do if You’re Arrested

No matter your personal history or commitment to being a law-abiding citizen, it is possible that you may be arrested at some point. This could happen for many reasons, including a police investigation mistake, use of incorrect information, or because you broke a law unknowingly. No one can be sure that they won’t face an arrest, so it’s important that everyone be prepared for such a situation.

If officers tell you that you are under arrest, you need to make sure and keep the following in mind:

#1: Stay calm and do not resist in any way.

Once police have decided to charge you, there isn’t anything you can do to get out of this situation. Follow orders and do not speak disrespectfully to officers or struggle in any way, even if you believe you’re being treated unfairly.

#2: Give the basic information for you, your family, and your employer, but otherwise remain silent and request a lawyer.

Remember, police officers and lawyers from the prosecutors’ office will want to convince you to say something indicating your guilt, and they are allowed to mislead you in order to get you to make the statement that they want. Wait to share any additional information until your attorney is present.

#3: Behave sensibly.

You’ll have to go through a search, booking, and wait in a holding cell. You may feel that you’re being treated unjustly, and police are sometimes even aggressive or abusive. Don’t make threats or get upset while you are in jail. Wait to talk to your lawyer and process claims through him or her. This is in your best interest.

#4: Don’t give in if you’re offered a “deal.”

Even if you’ve set your mind on waiting out the initial interviews until you can speak to a lawyer, you may be tempted by an offer from a sympathetic-seeming officer, who claims to be trying to make things easier for you if you’ll confess. It’s easy to give in to such an offer when you’re dealing with the stress of having been arrested, but don’t give in! No matter the details of your case, don’t make a deal until you’ve spoken with your attorney. Remember that they are the only ones truly on your side in this situation.

For More Information

Following these four tips can protect your rights and interests following an arrest. If you’ve already gone through an arrest and are looking for an experienced San Jose criminal lawyer, call the [firm-name], today at [phone-number].