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Annulment granted to Rep. Alan Grayson and his wife

A judge in a Florida courtroom announced on April 7 that Florida Representative Alan Mark Grayson and his wife Lolita Grayson, a stay-at-home mother, agreed to annul their 24-year marriage and end a contentious divorce proceeding, the San Jose Mercury-News reported.

Reports indicate the couple is open to settlement talks. According to Mark NeJame, Alan Grayson’s legal counsel, the annulment would mean that Grayson and his wife were never married in the first place, as Lolita was found to have been married already before uniting with Grayson.

Lolita Grayson also accused Alan Grayson of financial abandonment, Alan Grayson accused Lolita Grayson of tactically delaying the proceeding by complaining of her leaked breast implants, and the two both accused each other of battery.

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